Types of Water Delivery Systems

Booster System

Booster System (City or Re-Use Water)

When irrigation system problems waste expensive city water, the irrigation manager can regain control with Hoover Flowguard. Incoming re-use water may be unreliable in quantity or pressure. Hoover Flowguard and pressure controls can save your irrigation and your bank account.

Irrigation Pump Station

Irrigation Pump Stations

For almost 40 years, we have endlessly tested and perfected our own pump product and custom tailored it to the specific challenges of Florida’s climate. Whether it's a new pump station or pump station repair or renovation, Hoover Pumping Systems is a single source for all pump manufacturing, installation, startup, and future pump station maintenance and repair services. That adds up to total peace of mind for you – and big savings over the long term.

Refill Pumps

Refill Pumps and Lake Recharge Pumps

Many irrigation systems use a lake source (surface water) to supply the water needs. While the natural groundwater replenishment cycle is often sufficient to satisfy keeping the lake level equal to the water table level, sometimes a submersible refill system pulling from a well is needed to help with lake augmentation. And, some areas near the coast are mandated to replenish from the aquifer to match every drop that is used from the surface water source.

Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pumps

Whether it is for aesthetic appeal or operational needs, transferring surface water from one surface water source to another is sometimes requested by our customers. Hoover can assess your needs and design a system with the telemetry required to make this process as automated as it needs to be to make the process manage itself.

points of connection

Points of Connection (POC)

If you currently use city water or reclaim water for your irrigation needs, you are fully aware that every drop of water counts for more than just trying to be mindful of conservation efforts. A runaway zone or overwatering can cost you thousands more than you budgeted for each month. A Flowguard Point of Connection can monitor activity to bring awareness to these problems and prevent them from being negatively impactful to your budget.

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