This Is Intelligent, Remote Irrigation Management

Intelligent Technology, Engineering Excellence, Equipment Warranty and User Support

HIRIMS is Hoover's Intelligent Remote Irrigation Management Solution. It completely integrates with Hoover's Flowguard pump station to give you complete visibility and control of your irrigation system 24/7, 365 days a year. Fully integrated Flowguard irrigation controllers mean every irrigation cycle becomes its own wet check - right down to individual zone level! Flowguard's irrigation data is backed up and supported by the Hoover Cloud to continually balance the irrigation in real-time.

HIRIMS combines smart technology with engineering excellence, irrigation management, Hoover's warranty and all-round support and training. In short, every installation ensures consistent, reliable irrigation. 

A Complete Irrigation Solution That Lasts a Lifetime

Our Warranty Ensures Your Investment is Protected and Maintained

Hoover’s warranty, servicing and maintenance on your irrigation equipment ensures your investment is always protected.

You'll always have complete confidence in your irrigation system’s capacity to deliver.

Fully Managed or Support and Training Options

You will never be left to wonder if your irrigation is working optimally with our all-round support and guidance.

Manage the system yourself with full support and training from Hoover - or we'll manage it for you.

Flowguard & HIRIMS

Automatic daily reports that correlate with the graph and mapping data are sent direct to your inbox.

Field attention can be focused where it matters to utilize labor and effort most efficiently.

Irrigation zone performance is verified on every irrigation cycle by the automatic zone-testing intelligence system. Nothing ever gets overlooked.

Recent field repairs? The system will tell you whether the repair has been successful.

The ability to produce data remotely for regulatory purposes saves money. For example, save around $300 a month by no longer needing a site visit and manual reading.

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An Irrigation Solution You Can Trust

Put simply, you need a reliable irrigation system that consistently delivers the right amount of water to the right place at the right time. 

Your irrigation needs to provide the highest levels of responsiveness and oversight that gives you complete control of your irrigation operation. 

What’s more, your irrigation solution must be completely reliable in every respect. It must be easy to manage and understand. It must come with the very best customer support and be built to last. It has to help you save money and energy, protect your landscape and play its part in your drive to eliminate the breakdowns and maintenance problems that cause problems and cost money.

At Hoover, we’re all about solving irrigation problems. It’s our mission to build enduring partnerships with our customers and irrigation solutions that last a lifetime.

Brent Hoover Hoover Founder

What Our HOA Board Clients Say

At Hoover we are proud of our exceptional team who go the extra mile to make sure that all our customers receive quality equipment, installed to the highest standards and maintained professionally. However, the real proof comes from what our Homeowner clients say about us.

Irrigation is no longer a problem

The landscaping looks fabulous, there are few to no homeowner complaints, no dead grass and no iron staining. So we’re in a very good place. We can’t thank you folks at Hoover enough for getting us through such a difficult project.

John G Chromczak Board Member, Equus

Worked well together as a team

It was amazing to watch their crews work. They showed up without a major supervisor but worked well together as a team. They were all smiling, they were happy, they were professional. It was really seamless. They came in one day, got it done. By the end of the day, we were up and running.

Jim Grice Homeowners Association

Constantly looking for ways to help save us money

They are always professional, constantly looking for ways to help save us money while also improving our community. They have been a major influence in taking our community to the 21st century.

Lori Douvris Director of Operations, Century Village East

ABOUT Hoover's Irrigation Pump Stations

Made For Florida's Climate

Hoover uses only the highest quality equipment, engineered to work in Florida's unique climate.

Our pump stations are built to last and offer an unmatched Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients. There are over 9,000 Hoover pump stations installed across Florida. 

Download Your Free HIRIMS Guide

An irrigation solution that lasts a lifetime! Manage your entire irrigation system with Hoover’s single, fully integrated, fully supported platform. Download this guide to find out more.

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Case Study: Castellina Community Irrigation

We worked with this gated community in Wellington, Florida, made up of 260 single-family homes. It features three large lakes and a number of lakefront properties. They had a number of issues with the existing irrigation system, which was installed in 2011. A phased revamp and upgrade of the existing system resulted in a long-term solution at a significantly lower cost than starting over. Read our case study on this total irrigation solution.

HIRIMS - Manage Your Irrigation Confidently and Effectively

With remote management backed up by the Hoover cloud and our warranty and support, the cost of landscape irrigation is significantly reduced. You get enhanced visibility of your irrigation operation and your smartphone, tablet or computer is effectively your irrigation control panel, accessible anywhere in the world.

Step 1

Remote sensing technology provides the data to facilitate entire irrigation system performance monitoring, right down to zone level.

Step 2

Every irrigation cycle can be automatically compared against a verified, predicted flow rate. You can identify potential irrigation problems quickly and easily and validate what each zone is receiving at any given time.

Step 3

Your irrigation operation can be fully managed with one system - from the water source to the pump station to the sprinkler nozzles.

Step 4

You’ll benefit from our constant improvements to the system.

Step 5

Fully managed by Hoover, or get irrigation management support and training whenever you need help or advice.

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