Landscape Health & Appearance

Healthy and Unhealthy Turf


Do You Know What Healthy Turf Looks Like?

Just because your landscape is green does not necessarily mean it’s healthy. Do any of these terms sound familiar – browning turf, hot spots, cinch bugs, stressed turf, fungus, disease? Is your landscaper qualified and educated to properly deal with and prevent these things?

At Hoover, we take great pride in providing the best pump station and continuing service in the industry bar none. See what Hoover’s “Best in Class” approach can offer for your field needs!

Drone Aerial Imagery Showing Actual Conditions and Plant Health Comparisons

With a reliable pump station and live historical data from Flowguard, you can effectively lower your entire irrigation, pest control, and overall landscape budget.

Drone Aerial Imagery

Your irrigation pump station is as vital to the landscape’s health as the heart is to the human body. Don’t wait until your stressed landscape begins to die and becomes a costly concern.

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