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Hoover stands above the rest of the industry in every aspect from design, quality of components and manufacturing workmanship, installation, and continuing service and support. While others work on a “break and fix” model, we have developed a product that provides the most value and longevity possible by preventing many issues with proactive management.

Hoover has LEED Accredited Professional experts on staff that lend their expertise in creating the most sustainable irrigation solutions and practices that save water, energy and protect our environment. Our experienced team sets the standard each day in pump design, irrigation and maintenance. We will have your property seeing green in no time!

Leadership in Energy Conservation Award
Manufacturer of the Year
LEED AP Experts on Staff

We identify & resolve root causes rather than symptoms.

We don’t just sell you a pump station and move on. We are there to support you and your irrigation needs throughout the life cycle of the equipment. Any time you have a water problem of any kind (volume, pressure, clogging, field breaks, etc.) and are spending repair dollars, call Hoover for the problem solving solutions! 1.800.548.1548

Hoover Solutions

Water Delivery Systems

Our team of industry experts is here to answer your questions and educate you on the important factors that determine the best total solution for your needs.


Hoover Flowguard

Immediately start saving money by actually managing your irrigation and seeing how it is operating. Once you learn about the power of this system, the only question will be “Why didn’t I have this sooner?”


Design & Specification Assistance

Our design specialists answer your questions and tell you about important factors that we consider in order to determine the best pump type based on your available water source.


Preventative Maintenance Program

Our Preventative Maintenance Program maximizes system service life and diminishes the risk of premature failures, lowering the lifetime cost of ownership.


Turn-Key Pump Station

Pump station design, manufacturing and installation through to continued service/maintenance – all by Hoover employees. No one else provides half of that!


Pump Station Restoration & Renovation

As your system ages and technology advances, your system’s performance and reliability may benefit from various alterations. Hoover’s team of technicians and engineers can create the most sensible plan for your short-term and long-term needs.


Field Service & Repairs

Hoover’s Field Service Technicians use their product training and technical skills to ensure that your high-value pumping equipment is properly maintained and repaired with minimum downtime.


Landscape Health/Appearance

Green grass does not always mean healthy. It takes a lot more than just running irrigation to create a healthy landscape. Let the experts at Hoover help you look at the big picture to find what you should/shouldn’t be doing.