Pump Station Restoration & Renovation

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Focusing on Long-Term Value

Most people assume that never-ending irrigation problems are normal and accept replacing motors and other components on a routine basis. If that is your reality, it does not have to be. Hoover can provide a solution to stop the wasteful, costly cycle and actually save you money in the long run.

Our experienced Field Service Experts will thoroughly evaluate your entire system before recommending any actions. We don’t just want to replace parts or make repairs unless we know there is value in the work being done.

The Hoover team of field service experts and engineers can help you prepare budget estimates and assist you in creating a plan of action to assess the overall pump capacity needed by the existing irrigation system and renew your pump station to its original high level of performance.


Pump system restoration is needed when a pump system has deteriorated. This one-time “tune-up” service restores the pump station operation to a maintainable state. For older pump systems we recommend replacing worn out components with more efficient, up-to-date parts. Hoover will recommend cost-effective solutions to keep your pump system functioning for as long as possible.


If a worn out component is no longer available, your pump station may require a comprehensive renovation. The Hoover team of technicians and engineers will collaborate and recommend a Hoover renovation plan of action to provide you with a long-term solution that delivers reliable irrigation water.


Managing the Older Irrigation Pump System:
When Is It Time to Replace?

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Want to Know More About the Right Time to Replace Your Pump System?

Frequent pipe breaks not only leak water; they leak money for the cost of repair couplings and the labor required to install them. Learn more about when it is the best time to replace a pump station in our white paper.

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“Hoover’s cost-effective approach results in long-term success. We highly recommend Hoover and are confident you will find their products and services second to none.”

Chris Miller, Project Manager

Landscape Architecture Division, Keith and Schnars

“I have been in the irrigation and well business for over 30 years in Manatee County and I’m born and raised here. I pick up needed information and tricks of the trade from Hoover throughout each year. Thought you should know this has made my job much easier.”

Richard Copeland

Bright View Irrigation | Sarasota, Florida

Your irrigation pump station is as vital to the landscape’s health as the heart is to the human body. Don’t wait until your stressed landscape begins to die and becomes a costly concern.

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