Hoover Flowguard

Hoover Flowguard® is Your Pump’s Dashboard

The alerts on your car’s dashboard help to ensure that everything is working properly in the car so that you have a safer drive. Flowguard works in a similar fashion to alert you to the success or failure of your irrigation pumping system. Why wait for a 30-day wet check or resident complaints when the damage may have already been done? Protect your costly landscaping with a tool that can do the hard work for you!

Hoover Flowguard Dashboard Monitor

Hoover Flowguard® is on Duty Around the Clock So You Don’t Have to Be.

Just like the dashboard in your car, this screen provides a real-time status overview of your entire pumping system! Log onto your Hoover Flowguard® dashboard anytime to observe current operation or review previous water cycles, water usage and diagnostic tools. You can also control and change settings, pump operation, water schedules, budgets and download water usage reports.

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Car owners understand that using a qualified, experienced auto mechanic for repairs and routine maintenance results in more dependable operation and a lower cost of ownership. The same is true with pumps. Don’t leave it to chance…Hoover Service Team + Hoover Flowguard provides results!

Actual Client’s FPL Monthly Energy Expenses

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Slash Energy Expenses with Flowguard!

Automated Smart Tools

  • Flowguard automatically generates your required Consumptive Water Use Permit data
  • Reports are easily downloadable, and may be submitted directly to any of Florida’s five water districts

Email and Text Alerts

Over 70 pump station alerts are sent immediately via email or text, whenever events such as these occur:

Mobile Automated Smart Tools