Design Specification Assistance Program

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Hoover Design Services

For New & Replacement Irrigation
Pump Stations

Our pump system and irrigation experts assess the conditions and needs of your specific situation by asking questions to identify the underlying causes of any ongoing problems. When we present our recommendations, you will have the confidence that your Hoover solution is engineered and custom‑built for your specific requirements.

Hoover can help you prepare budget estimates and can assist you in creating a plan of action to assess the overall pump capacity needed by a brand new or an existing irrigation system. Contact us for assistance in finding the best long-term solution for your water supply needs.

Uncover a New Way to Save Energy

Many forward-thinking property managers have already optimized their lighting or upgraded to ENERGY STAR-rated equipment in an effort to cut consumption. But these projects are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of energy savings.

Learn from Hoover’s Design Team how much you could conserve by upgrading one of the biggest energy users in your building or community – pumps.

  • From the largest, most complex applications to the smallest, we utilize our in-depth pump knowledge and our unrivaled range of intelligent pumping systems.
  • If you live in high rises or tower buildings, ask us about how you can benefit from our Booster Pump Systems!