Comprehensive Intake Solutions

Hoover’s turnkey installations are engineered to provide reliable irrigation water to the pump station. The quality of your installation is just as important as the quality of your pump station. No other company does this job as well as Hoover. It is simply guaranteed.

  • Self-cleaning Intake

    Screen Clogging of intakes caused by poor water quality is minimized with the self cleaning screen that rotates when the pump runs to keep the intake screen clean. This solution is used when shallow water depths are the only option for a surface water source.

  • Dedicated Intake Lines

    Rigorous quality control inspection of each component and the piping is performed prior to backfilling the inground installation. Each line is connected to a separate pump.

  • Positive Buoyancy Intake

    When the intake lines are installed from the pump station to the water’s edge, the end of the intake is set in deep water at the precise depth to assure reliable water supply is always available. The Hoover Float assembly is suspended in the anaerobic water zone to minimize the build up of algae that occurs in water zones exposed to sunlight.

  • Fused Intake Lines

    We service, repair, replace, customize and install pump stations for a variety of irrigation and non-irrigation uses.

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