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We identify & resolve root causes rather than symptoms.

An educated decision is the only sensible decision! Our goal is for you to have no downtime and for you to get the longest useful life out of every component. Each pump station is hand-built in our Pompano Beach headquarters using the highest-quality components selected or designed to withstand the challenging and fluctuating hot, humid, dry and wet Florida environment. The information provided by Hoover Flowguard prevents the abuses on the pump system that cost you money.

Protect Your Property Value and Manage Your Water Responsibly with Hoover

The efficient application of water is playing an increasingly important role as communities are focused more than ever on conserving water resources and protecting water quality. Anytime you have a water problem of any kind (volume, pressure, clogging, field breaks, etc.) and are spending repair dollars, call Hoover for the problem-solving solutions! 1.800.548.1548

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The most successful pump station or control package begins with understanding your needs. The first step is for us to evaluate your unique situation. Our ultimate goal for every project is to create an efficient and dependable irrigation pump system that serves the specific needs of your property for many years into the future while conserving precious financial and water resources.