Hoover is a Comprehensive Water Solutions Provider

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Our customer’s biggest focus is making the smartest investment of their dollars. That can only happen by focusing on long-term value, which no competitor but Hoover can offer.

Almost every facet of life in Florida is closely associated with water. By providing you with 35+ years of water management industry expertise and time-proven products for responsible, effective water delivery, Hoover can help you improve the reliability of your water delivery systems and substantially reduce the overall multi-year operating costs for all of your water distribution applications. Hoover can save you from disaster when others do not even know where to begin.

Made in the USA

Time Tested and Field Proven

We promote a culture of new ideas that can grow into usable solutions. Hoover team members have diverse backgrounds and a variety of experience and knowledge. We share pride in our work and helping you beyond your expectations.

  • Comprehensive Solutions Provider

    From pre-design support to ongoing service and maintenance, we are experts at site-specific analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Award-Winning Quality Product

    Most irrigation companies work on a break and fix model. We have innovated a product that provides the most value and longevity possible.

  • In-Depth Knowledge & Experience

    We have dedicated engineers, electronics, hydraulics and mechanical experts in-house to collaborate on design/installation solutions. No other company can integrate all of these aspects AND field irrigation expertise.

  • Largest Pump Service Providers in Florida

    With offices across Florida, we are geographically positioned to provide local service and expertise.

  • Leader in Water Management

    We give you 24/7 monitoring of your water source, water flow rate and pressure. Our systems do the work and babysit themselves so you can spend time on more important tasks.


Hoover Helps Bellaggio Community Reduce Pump Stations and Costs

By reducing the pump stations from 24 to 10, it directly resulted in reduced maintenance costs due to more efficient energy, water and fertilizer use. Learn more about how Hoover helped save Bellaggio dollars.


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Century Village East

    Century Village East

    Deerfield Beach, FL

    “Your community will be in good company if you utilize Hoover. They are always professional, constantly looking for ways to help save us money while also improving our community. They have been a major influence in taking our community to the 21st century.”
    - Lori Douvris, Director of Operations

  • Equus


    Boynton Beach, FL

    “Thanks to Hoover, irrigation is no longer an issue at Equus! Hooray! The landscaping looks fabulous, there are few to no homeowner complaints, no dead grass and no iron staining. So we’re in a very good place. We can’t thank you folks at Hoover enough for getting us through such a difficult project.”
    - John G Chromczak, Board Member

  • Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

    Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

    West Palm Beach, FL

    “Hoover’s service team along with Flowguard are so valuable to an Owner because they protect the capital investment, pump, irrigation system piping and landscaping. Thank you for looking out for the best for long term use of our system!”
    - Matt Eggerman, Director of Field Operations

  • United Community

    United Community

    Broward County, FL

    “Your firm since day one has always maintained the highest standards of customer service & knowledge & have continued to do so over the last several years regardless of who we speak to in your firm. Hoover Flowguard replaced an old irrigation system seven years ago that was breaking mainline fittings and pipe on a regular basis. We never have those problems anymore.”
    - Christopher M Tuller, Regional Property Manager