Bellaggio Residential Community

  • Client: Bellaggio | Lake Worth, Florida
  • Location: Lake Worth, Florida
  • Market: Residential Community
Background: Bellaggio is an active adult lifestyle community set on 560-acres of land. Water and nature play a large role in the community’s setting, so when the irrigation mainline kept breaking and the sod had to be replaced annually, the Board knew it was time to get the help and they needed to find a long-term solution. They contacted Hoover Pumping Systems and are very happy they did.
Bellaggio Residential Community
Hoover Pumping Systems helped the Bellaggio community reduce their number of pump stations from 24 to 10, directly resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced ongoing costs for irrigation repairs, energy use, sod replacement and fertilizer.

In 2011, Bellaggio’s Board of Directors set a goal to fix the existing irrigation system’s problems.

The builder installed 24 non-Hoover pump systems, less than 10 years old. A solution was needed to correct pump system and irrigation problems, and to reduce ongoing costs to replace sod.

Sand and sediment were clogging sprinkler heads during dry weather when suction lines pulled sand and sediment from the lake bottom.


Hoover proposed a consolidation strategy to install 10 Hoover systems, eliminating wasted horsepower, and adjusted water sources to alleviate water shortage issues during hot, dry periods.

The community’s two key objectives of Variable Speed Control and Automated Pump System Controls were met. Over a two year period, 10 Hoover Flowguard® pump systems replaced the problematic 24 builder-installed pump systems.

IMMEDIATE RESULTS: No more expensive mainline breaks!

  • The community landscape is dependably green and uses much less electricity, water and fertilizer.
  • Bellaggio no longer wastes $40,000 per year to replace sod due to poor irrigation. The mainline doesn’t break.
  • The Flowguard® system assists managers in keeping irrigation field zones balanced, helps diagnose bad valves and broken or leaking underground pipes.
  • The sand and sediment sprinkler problems no longer exist due to the buoyant Hoover intake system, which is installed to remain a specific distance above the lake bottom rather than hanging from the surface chained to a floating duck.
  • The Hoover magnetic Flow Meters and Flowguard® system streamlines the data gathering and printing of required South Florida Water Management District Water Usage Reports.
  • The property manager securely controls everything from the office computer or from a laptop at home or on the go. The landscape maintenance contractor is enthusiastic that the Flowguard® tools increase the crew’s productivity.