Field Service and Repairs

Customer Field Service Experts

Responsive. Reliable. Dependable.

Hoover’s Customer Field Service Experts use their product training and technical skills to ensure that your high-value pumping equipment is properly maintained and repaired with minimum downtime.

Our experienced professionals, available anywhere in Florida for prompt onsite service, have practical irrigation design and installation experience/ expertise and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the pumping system and irrigation.

We identify & resolve root causes rather than symptoms

We don’t just sell you a pump station and move on. We are there to support you with the lowest possible cost of ownership throughout the life of your community. Any time you have a water problem of any kind,(volume, pressure, clogging, field breaks, etc.) and are spending repair dollars, ask Hoover for the problem solving solutions!

Routine Motor Service

Did you Know?

  • Routine motor replacements are NOT normal
  • Mainline breaks should NOT be happening consistently
  • Irrigation failures and complaints should NOT be your daily/weekly experience

If any of these sound familiar, call Hoover today!

Extend the Life of Your Pump Station by 15-20+ Years!

Hoover’s reliable Field Service Experts resolve problems on the first visit 97% of the time, completing a 17-point checklist during each service call in order to identify problems that need immediate attention.

The varied nature of pump station failures demands a broad expertise in both mechanical and electrical disciplines. Hoover Field Experts are fully qualified and trained, equipped with stocked service vans and guarantee repairs while on-site 97% of the time. Hoover can provide prompt local service throughout Florida within 24 hours.

Your irrigation pump station is as vital to the landscape’s health as the heart is to the human body. Don’t wait until your stressed landscape begins to die and becomes a costly concern.

Contact the experts at Hoover and sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Plan today!