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Serving Both Public and Private Clients Throughout Florida

Since 1980, Hoover has provided exceptional water management services and unrivaled value every step of the way to a wide range of commercial and residential properties including small and large master communities, commercial centers, golf courses, institutional and commercial campuses, schools and athletic fields.

Hoover vs. the Competition

More often than not, what we come across in the field results from our competitor’s poor design, lack of engineering, inferior components and parts used in the wrong application, all of which result in performance and failure concerns. Often, this is done unknowingly from a lack of understanding. Our competitors just don’t have the expertise of Hoover, nor are their products engineered to provide the quality and reliable long-term performance of Hoover solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“As a property manager, I didn’t initially understand why I should care about who built or ran my pump system. But when the current pump system failed and the owner’s $4 million worth of landscaping was drying up and dying, it became a lot clearer.

I called the experts at Hoover and they showed me exactly where the pump had malfunctioned and set me up with a preventative maintenance program so I never have to worry about my water performance. I now understand the importance of going with a tried and true professional like Hoover!”

Property Manager

Orlando, Florida